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Thoughtful Connection.
Self Realization.

Find your collective. Reach your goals.

Who Is Rev Collective For?

If you are a woman or non-binary individual looking to deeply connect with other career-driven individuals who will inspire, motivate and push you to reach your goals – and you will do the same for them – then Rev Collective is for you.

How It Works



Apply anytime
Application takes 20 minutes
We learn about you



We use our algorithm
We play matchmaker
5-8 likeminded members



How to set goals

How to connect deeply

How to hold each other accountable



Once a month  
Virtually or in person
Support each other



Professional development
Personal networking
 Digital community 


I can honestly say the women that I am in a group with are some of the most incredible women I know, I absolutely love them. That was unexpected for me, that I would have this recognition that friendship is equally important and is a worthy thing to invest in.

– Kennita Hickman, Fall 2019 Member


I personally have gotten more than I expected. I expected talking to different women who were maybe higher up in the career ladder–maybe lower–and it is that and it is also so much more. It is connections, it’s encouragement, it’s critical feedback, it’s real time solutions to what is real time going on.

– Lexi Holland, Spring 2020 Member