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“The key to lasting change to your daily habits is accountability and support.”


the rev collective founders


Our Values


We value equity, community, and inclusivity.
All people deserve to feel welcome and worthy.

We value trust, vulnerability, and empathy.
Listening with an open heart can open people’s minds.

We value accountability and empowerment.
Lifting up others lifts us all.

beyond networking

Our Mission


Historically, most women’s organizations have replicated pre-existing men’s organizations in design. We believe we need a new forum that responds to today’s workplace.

We curate collectives of like-minded women and nonbinary individuals with similar career ambitions to address the opportunity gap that still exists for these professionals.

Rev Collective is more than a networking group. We structure meetings for emphasis on sharing real, tactical advice to help one another scale our businesses, nurture our side hustles, or work toward our desired promotions. Between peers, the power dynamic is even, which encourages conversation, collaboration and experimentation on problems to find solutions together.

How Did Rev Collective Start?

Hello! Nydia here, one of the co-founders of Rev Collective. In 2014, Dena and I were just starting our first company. We had a lot of questions and insecurities. Like, A LOT. The imposter syndrome was real. We started meeting with another fledgling small business on a monthly basis, sharing our struggles and successes. It felt good knowing we were not alone. Plus, the accountability, great advice, and network connections helped our businesses grow.

We slowly grew our group to include Kate and two other kick-ass women entrepreneurs. Over the years, we developed a process to streamline our meetings. We started sharing our process with other women looking to boost their businesses and careers. But, sharing our process wasn’t enough; we kept hearing, “How do I find my own group?”

After spinning out a number of other collectives who are still actively meeting today, we knew it was time to bring our framework to a larger population.

All-Female Founder Team

We know because we’ve been there. We are serial entrepreneurs, boss ladies, and we just want to have funds too.

headshot of Nydia

Nydia Mauras-Jones

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder at Odvant Creative, designer, and former teacher. Mom of two. She/her.


Dena Nord

Serial entrepreneur, Co-founder at Odvant Creative, designer, muralist and painter. Brand new mom. She/her.


Angela Damiani

Serial entrepreneur, CEO of Newaukee, Co-founder at Newance, TEDx speaker. Mom of one. She/her.


Kate Pociask

Serial entrepreneur, Principal at Patron Sainte, UI/UX Designer, polyglot, neurodivergent. Child-free. She/her.