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Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds cool, but I’m worried that I’ll be the only one who is [fill-in-the-blank].

It’s important to us that you feel open, vulnerable, and safe in your group setting! Note it in your application (everything you say will be kept private) and we’ll try to match you up with folks who share some facets of your identity. You can also ask a trusted friend or secret hero to be in your collective because you don’t want to be the only one who is [fill-in-the-blank]. We honor requests to be matched with others who have applied. 

What do you mean by nonbinary?

We mean anything on the spectrum of gender identities that is not exclusively masculine or exclusively feminine‍—‌identities that are outside the gender binary, i.e. either ‘male’ or ‘female.’ People with gender identities that exist outside the mainstream are often marginalized in similar ways to (and perhaps beyond) women.

 Are Trans People Welcome? 

Yes! We welcome trans men and trans women as members. Basically, if you identify as gender nonconforming, we’re happy to have you as a member.

Can men join?

In short, that’s not who this is for, but read on. Rev Collective was conceived as a way to help women and nonbinary individuals test and refine strategies for success in a world that is often not welcoming to them. If you’re a cis-gendered man, and you desperately want to be part of Rev Collective, contact us and tell us why.

A better way for men to support Rev Collective, if they feel called to the mission, is to donate to our scholarship fund. It covers membership fees for applicants who can’t otherwise afford it. 

We are open to men attending or speaking at our events, since hearing the perspectives of others is a great way to practice allyship. 


Is this actually just for young women?

Nope. We accept applications from women and nonbinary individuals ages 18-100. No one ever stops wanting to be their best selves. Our youngest member so far was 19, and our oldest was 75. If you’d feel more comfortable in a Collective with people who are close to you in age, note it in your application. The same goes for any other facet of your identity: gender, marital status, race/ethnicity, political or religious views, sexuality, ability, physical/mental health and wellness or more.

What if my group is a bad fit for me?

We could certainly see how you might not want to be in a collective with your ex’s new fling or other crazy scenarios. We will let you get back into the queue to join another group that’s forming. We don’t offer refunds, though. Please carefully consider whether this is for you before diving in. 

Where/when are meetings held?

Each group gets to decide where/when they want to hold meetings. Many groups will meet via video chat. If people live in the same area and want to meet in person, common locations are coffee shops, community spaces, library meeting rooms, or even in someone’s house. 

what am I agreeing to if i sign up?

Want to read the small print? Here are our Terms and Conditions.

I want to be in a group with my friend or business partner. Can I do that?

If you are applying to be in the same cohort, you’ll both have to note in your applications that you have a preference to be matched with someone in particular.