Below you will find our tips and resources to help you balance working and homeschooling. Stay healthy and safe! 


Tips for Homeschooling


Working from home while keeping school-aged kids occupied is a difficult task. You don’t want them to fall behind, but you need to get your work done! While most schools will be providing packets of work for their students, you may need to supplement to keep the kids busy. Here are a few tips and resources to help you out. 

Most of this information is geared toward elementary level (K4-5th grade) students with no IEP, but it may be modified for middle and high school. For parents with children with an IEP, try to connect with their specialists to see what you can do at home.


Our Top Tips


A routine for you and the kids is essential. Even if you are not the best at sticking to an exact time schedule, having a standard flow for the day will be helpful.

Here are a couple of sample schedules to help you out. Feel free to customize them to fit your life.


If you have the space in your home, devote an underutilized room for academic activities. Set up a desk area with supplies and maybe a sign the kids can make with the name of your “school”. If your space is more limited, set aside a part of the dining room or coffee table for academics. Give each child a shoebox or Tupperware container where they can put their supplies (ex: pencils, markers, scissors, glue, ruler, etc.) and use a folder for worksheets. They can store their supply container when it’s not in use. Allowing the kids to decorate the container is an extra art activity they can do.

Kid Involvement.

Get the kids involved in customizing your schedule, thinking of activities or centers, and creating a learning space. It will get them accustomed to their “new normal”.


The biggest goal of all this is to maintain what your children have learned so far this school year. Don’t feel like your kids need to make giant strides during this time. Keeping your children learning while they feel safe and calm is the main priority.

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Online Resources

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