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Member Benefits

Year-long membership includes

Curated collective of
5–8 professionals

Proven framework for
accountability meetings

Access to a large, moderated
online community 

Access to Chief Happiness Coordinator

Free curated events for

Discounted tickets to the annual Rev Retreat

Access to a member directory

Monthly Member Newsletter with
helpful tips + in-the-know info
Special member packet with a training book


A cohort to ensure growth, learning, and goal attainment and
access to the Rev Collective community both online and in person.


Who Should Join

Female, nonbinary, and trans professionals and entrepreneurs are welcome to apply for Rev Collective.


Rev Collective is for you if…

  • You want support achieving your career goals.
  • Your career has plateaued or is not moving forward.
  • You are the only person at your business who does what you do.
  • You feel alone in your industry, business, or role.
  • You’ve changed industries.
  • You want to take your business or side hustle to the next level.
  • You don’t want to do it alone.

You will be more successful if you are…

  • Proactive
  • Independent
  • Brave/Confident
  • Honest
  • Willing to be vulnerable
  • Open-minded
  • A good listener
Fall 2019 Kickoff & Training Session

Cost of Membership


Being in Rev Collective is an investment in yourself and your career.
You’ll learn how to be a good communicator, have your ideas challenged, and stay accountable to your goals.

Need help paying?

Have your Employer Pay

You can also convince your boss to cover your membership cost as professional development.

Apply for a Scholarship

If membership is pricey for where you are in your career, apply for a scholarship to cover your fee.