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 Engage. Inspire. Reimagine.

A virtual retreat offering the space you need to move forward with a renewed excitement and passion for the future.

Revelation is a unique opportunity for personal reflection, professional growth, strong relationship building, and creating a sense of purpose within your own life.

Every aspect of our lives has intensified in 2020. Working from home, managing teams (and bosses) remotely, full-time parenting while also teaching…the list of responsibilities is endless. We are all more prone to burnout and social isolation than ever before. Carving out space and time for ourselves can easily fall to the bottom of the priorities list – and yet we can not effectively show up in the ways we need to without a chance to focus in and a grounding in where we are and where we want to be.

Join the Rev Collective for a half-day virtual retreat that gives all of us a collective break, moment to reflect, and tools to effectively move forward with renewed excitement and passion for the future.

Featuring Shanna Tyler

Shanna Tyler is a brand coach, expert storyteller and community founder for Self Soul Sport. She can be found keepin’ it really real with her coaching calls, wellness entrepreneur clients, on the Instagram squares, and in her virtual community events. Through her personal life experience with major depressive disorder, Shanna is also a mental health advocate who believes we all have a right to live a life of passion! 

Keynote Description:

Self Care: How To Make Yourself Your Most Important Investment Even In The Hardest of Times

Be ready for a “really real” keynote by Shanna Tyler, lifelong storyteller and business coach. Shanna will be sharing the hardest times of her life and how it led to her most important investment: herself. Not only will she share her story, Shanna will share actionable tips surrounding boundaries, investments, affirmations, and much more.

Our Breakout Sessions

Value Setting & Negotiation

Aneysha Bhat, Rev Member
Founder & Culture Strategist | Perennial Culture

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Value Setting & Negotiation

The values which we live and embody influence the culture in which we thrive. Our community is experiencing many changes – during a time of crisis and change, it’s up to us to ask ourselves: how do our values shape the culture in which we live? During this session, we’ll discuss understanding our values and feeling empowered by these values. We’ll talk about purpose and how our values create impact on the individual, small-group, and community levels.

Mapping a Career Path Amid a Pandemic

Martha Carrigan, Rev Member
President & CEO |  Big Shoes Network

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Mapping a Career Path Amid a Pandemic

Together we will investigate the way forward in your career through the following topics: 
• Check the horizon: Choosing a direction. 
• Drop anchor: Taking inventory of your personal brand. 
• Raise the Sail: Getting ready for a journey. 
• Move forward by tacking: Zig zag into the wind.

Continuous Improvement Model: From Disempowering Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

Dr. Shandowlyon Hendricks-Williams, Rev Member
Author, Coach & Consultant

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Continous Improvement Model:
From Disempowering Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

POWER-ful people refuse to allow disempowering beliefs to stifle their progress academically, professionally and personally. POWER-ful people do not allow anything to interfere with our destiny.  This session will provide participants with the ability to learn about how disempowering beliefs have framed their decision making while examining those disempowering beliefs from various circles of influence. Participants will begin their journey from disempowering beliefs to emPOWERing beliefs.

Participants will:

  1. Expore their disempowering beliefs
  2. Explore their emPOWERing beliefs
  3. Reflect on how disempowering beliefs have stifled their progress
  4. Release themselves from disempowering beliefs by replacing them with emPOWERing beliefs
  5. Develop an action plan for how to emPOWER themselves to fulfill their destiny in public life, advocacy or activism
  6. Become aware of resources for support and coaching as they move along the trajectory to continuous improvement

Developing Trust as a Leader During Turbulent Times

Jessica Donahue, Rev Member
Owner | Adjunct Leadership Consulting

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Building Trust as a Leader

To be seen as a leader in any aspect of your life, you must first inspire others to follow you. For others to follow you in a truly meaningful way, they must believe 3 key things to be true about you. Join this session to learn what those 3 beliefs are and how to take actionable steps to garner credibility in them as a leader.

Effective, Inclusive Leadership

Andi Sciacca, Rev Member
Advocate for access, education, and equity

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Effective, Inclusive Leadership

This session will frame effective, inclusive leadership as a process that puts philosophy into practice and ideas into action.  Participants will explore empathy, commitment, collaboration, and critique as powerful drivers for the development of a stronger, more equitable, and more inclusive leadership team across any type of learning organization.  All are welcome.

Dreaming Big & Goal Setting

Nadeena Granville,Rev Member
Multi-faceted creative, artist, and social media influencer
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Dreaming big & goal setting

We’ve heard it all before you gotta have S.M.A.R.T Goals but sometimes that’s not enough. I’ll help you breakdown your mental barriers of your dream job and/or life. So no matter what kind of goal you have, you’ll see results within 3 months.  

This session we’ll be going over how to: 

  • Learn the numbers game
  • Not lose momentum 
  • Figure out your why? 
  • Be serious w/ yourself

From Side-Hustle to Full-Time Business

Adam Tutaj, Christopher Little, & Erica Kojo
Shareholder, Associate Attorney & Associate Attorney

Detailed Session Info Here

From Side-Hustle to Full-Time Business: Legal Considerations in making the jump, setting up shop, and raising capital

This session will discuss the legal considerations you need to make before you convert your side-hustle into your main hustle. Attorneys Adam Tutaj, Chal Little, and Erica Kolo will provide an overview of shifting from employee to owner, the business formation process, and the financing regulations from a legal standpoint.

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